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Jib Cranes

Usage of these sort of cranes are very common in capacities below 10 ton in all industries. A unique advantages of these sort of cranes in comparison with the rest, is small space which is required for setup and its crucial work-ability in factories.
Hoisting and traversing motion in Jib cranes is exactly the same as overhead cranes, but instead of longitudinal motion their third motion is a rotation around the jib axis.




Regarding to rotational degree and setup conditions there are variety designations to achieve target.

Jib Cranes could be divided to several categories and some of them are as follow:

To be setup on an existing column of saloon
To be setup on its own column
Available in various designations base on rotational degree
Available both manual rotation and motorized rotation
Various designations base on setup conditions  
In the following pictures various designations are shown for more clarification 

Manual Wall mounted jib Crane, 180 Degree

Manual Pillar Mounted Jib Crane, 270 Degree

Manual & Motorized Wall Mounted Jib Crane, 270 Degree

Manual & Motorized Pillar Jib Crane, 360 Degree